CBS Sports Fantasy Really Does Outstrip The Competition

Peter DouglasCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2010

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How many leagues are you joining this year?


Last year I loosely participated in no fewer than 26 fantasy leagues. I’ve played on ESPN, Sporting News, Fox, and CBS Sports.


By the All-Star break, I was following three leagues. That’s how fantasy works sometimes. When you overdraft and over-commit, you set yourself up to lose interest when life catches up with you.


Those three leagues I maintained from start to finish were my CBS Sports leagues.


Seriously, the current promotional discount aside, you should want to play at CBS Sports. Frankly, unless you want stratomatic, you should stay away from Sporting News, and unless you prefer to be a bottom feeder, avoid Fox.


ESPN is flashy, but frustrating. ESPN requires daily roster updates. When you take a vacation and can’t find service, or when life becomes hectic and you can’t find time, you fall behind. Having lost the edge excellent drafting afforded you, you lose games, opportunities, and interest.


CBS not only incorporates a far more reasonable weekly roster setup, it also more accurately ranks players.


Look, I know the promotion is amazing, and you’re probably inclined to doubt my veracity, but CBS Sports provides the best online fantasy gaming.


At 50% off for Bleacher users, you have to halt non-stop live-drafting sessions elsewhere and pony up at


I’m doing one fantasy league this year. I was already planning on CBS, but the promotional rate sealed the deal.


Follow the link to try CBS's Fantasy Baseball Commissioner:

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