NCAA Sweet 16 East Bracket Preview and Predictions

Lion's Den U's TheCoachCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2010

WOW!! The East bracket is WIDE open. Did anyone see that coming. Any Ivy League school in the sweet 16!! Haha unbelievable. And not only that, Washington moves on as well as a #11. This is what the madness is all all about folks. I think Kentucky and WVU have a pretty decent path to the Elite Eight but the way the Big Red and Huskies are playing, anything is possible… after all, that’s why its called the madness!

 Now the problem becomes who took take to move on? Confused? Lol check out these predictions of every NCAA sweet six-teen game @ NCAA 2010 March Madness: Sweet 16 - East Bracket Predictions

 Who does everyone think is moving on in the East? I honestly can’t not take Kentucky. They are a powerhouse with John Wall, Cousins, Patterson etc. but it’ll be tough getting past Cornell to begin with... I love the NCAA!!