Why The UnderTaker Must Never Enter WWE The Hall Of Fame

Jack JackCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2010



The ominous bells that signal the Undertaker's arrival are known by everyone.

It is an established fact the Undertaker is the last, true, great gimmick wrestler.

For two decades there was the Undertaker.

17-0 at Wrestlemania.

Greatest and one of the biggest wrestlers who ever stepped into the squared circle.

A man who through his theme of death and hell electrifies the WWE.

A man who has partaken of the greatest matches ever.

Why shouldn't Mark William Calaway, the man who is the Undertaker, be inducted into the Hall of Fame?

1) He is above the majority other members.

In order to understand the reasoning it is vital to understand the institution of the Hall of Fame its self. While many wrestlers are credited as future Hall of Famers like HBK, Y2J and HHH you have to understand the people who are already are in there. Does the Undertaker really deserve to entombed with corporate greed and obscure wrestlers?

Every year, one or two good wrestlers and allot of nobody's get added. There are very few truly legendary wrestlers in the Hall of Fame. I pay homage to great wrestlers (Stone Cold, Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat) but when you consider everyone who isn't in there, can the Undertaker truly take his place? In contrast there are allot of wrestlers in the Hall of Fame that people don't care about. Could you really put the Undertaker in a Hall filled with 4 or 5 good people and allot of nobodies? When you consider who isn't or is in there you find the Undertaker in a Hall of Losers. Would you go from the Howard Finkle display to the Undertaker display?

2) He does his gimmick too well.

Mark William Calaway, the man who is the Undertaker, is never heard of outside of his gimmick. That is another important aspect. I have been thinking about the Undertaker vs. Shawn Micheals match which pits the career against the streak. In the end it doesn't matter. Whether the Undertaker wins or loses wont break his career. Whether the Undertaker comes out of character and goes to the Hall or rides off into the sunset will polish or tarnish his legend. The Undertaker's devout adherence to his dead persona has kept him on a level separate from every other superstar. The Undertaker once said the reason why he won championships was so souls would come after him instead of chasing them down. What does a man like that need with the Hall?

Could you remember an Undertaker who left his dead persona for the Hall the same way?

3) Hogan and Flair killed the Hall of Fame.

I hate acknowledging what Hogan and Flair are doing on TNA. After Abyss was given the ring can any true WWE Hall of Famer still hold the same respect? Unless the defilement of Hogan and Flair results in their expulsion there shouldn't be any addition of major WWE stars. Its horrible to see, but Hogan and Flair are lessening the value of the Hall for a little bit of pocket money.

I hope you enjoyed my article (though maybe not my views), I also hope that I have stimulated some thought.

What do you guys think? Feel free to post your comments and why.

Thank You.