The Sweet 16

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The Sweet 16
Yep, after nearly two years of hibernating, I'm trying to resurrect the OTPR blog.  The podcast?  We'll see.  So here are some quick thoughts about the first two rounds:

Two big points nobody's talking about:

1) 11 conferences represented in the Sweet 16.  11!  Stop talking about the Big East and Kansas long enough to realize how exciting it is to see such wide representation.  Strangely enough, the multiple-team conferences are Big East (2), Big 12 (2), SEC (2), and Big Ten (3).  Weird.  15 conferences won at least 1 game.

2) CBS's coverage was horrible.  Why can't they figure out when to switch from game-to-game?  I lost track of the number of times they switched to a game that was in a timeout, and then went into commercial break, while the other game was a good one.  It's amazing they haven't figured out how to simul-cast yet.

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