The Queen of Sports

Angie MeyerContributor IIMarch 23, 2010
Live from Hollywood, it's ESPN announcer and Dancing With the Stars celebutante, Erin Andrews. America's sweetheart who has gone from the football field to the ballroom. One of the most recognized female sports announcers of all time, she's guaranteed be on US speed dial over the next several Mondays!
Erin Andrews, named "America's Sexiest Sportscaster" by Playboy Magazine is the gorgeous sideline reporter we've watched on the sidelines or from the dugout over the last nine years.
Erin, just 32, established herself as a woman who knows her game, and most importantly, a woman who can talk her game. Growing up in a media savvy family, Erin's father, an investigative journalist for WFLA-TV in Tampa Florida taught her the ropes of the industry. Erin Andrews, a dancer for the Gator basketball team, graduated from University of Florida with a degree in telecommunications.
Upon graduating from Gator Country, Erin went to work for FSN Florida as a freelance reporter, before landing her first gig as a Tampa Bay Lightning Reporter for the Sunshine Network. In a short time span, Erin went from the Sunshine Network over to Turner Sports. While with Turner, she had the opportunity to cover a variety of college football games on TBS, The Atlanta Hawks NBA team, and The Atlanta Braves.
It wasn't long before the execs at ESPN came knocking on this glam gals door, and hired her as a reporter to preside over ESPN National Hockey coverage. Hockey opened the doors for Erin into a wider world of sports, as her good looks, charm, and most importantly, knowledge of the game brought her back to the sidelines, covering ESPN College Football Saturday. Her repertoire doesn't end with football either, Erin Andrews is a "Jane" of all sports trades, currently covering Saturday Primetime college hoops, MLB, College World Series, and even outdoor sports. She's absolutely amazing.
You sports lovahs might even remember Erin's baseball incident last summer. She was struck by a foul ball while covering the New York Mets. The ball was hit by Mets infielder Alex Cora. She suffered only minor bruises, but was duly rushed to the hospital.
Less then a week after the baseball incident, Erin Andrews was back in the news again. This time the bruises were of a different variety, and definitely more severe. A posted video showed up online via a site called "NSFW POA." The video showed a non-clothed blonde woman curling her hair and doing squats in the mirror. The video has been shot through a tiny peephole. The woman in the video was Erin Andrews.
The popular sports personality issued a statement via her attorney on PR Newswire verifying that she was indeed the woman seen through the peephole. The incident, horrific. Erin's legal council succeeded in all efforts removing the online video.
Erin Andrews was quoted as telling Oprah Winfrey "The situation was a nightmare." She feared her hard earned career would come to a halt because of a peeping tom, who she'd never met before.
Several months later a Chicago area man was charged. His crime: interstate stalking for taking videos, posting the videos online, and trying to solicit them. It was further noted that the suspect, Michael David Barrett had eight other videos or Erin from several other hotel locations. Last week Barrett was sentenced to 30 months in jail. While we don't believe the sentence was harsh enough, we're sure Erin will find it comforting that the nightmare has come to a close, just as she embarks on her latest venture, Dancing With the Stars!
All eyes will be on the queen of sports as she trades her microphone for the pasa doble, and hottie dance partner, Maxim Chmerkovskiy. A wood floor of a different variety, she'll sparkle just the same. Erin Andrews is an inspiration for women in sports, and she'll samba her way into America's heart.
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