Hey Detroit : Dont Hate, Appreciate Sidney Crosby

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Hey Detroit : Dont Hate, Appreciate Sidney Crosby
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Don't you just hate Sidney Crosby?

I mean, there are a myriad of reasons to really dislike this guy. From his special treatment by Gary Buttman to his inability to grow an adult mustache/beard combo , plus the whole winning the Stanley Cup in a game 7 at the Joe thing.

He is, not only the face of the NHL, but the posterboy as the most hated athlete in Detroit. Nobody else comes even close. He is a whiny, immature, over-hyped star athlete on the team that has become the Wings foremost rival. Yet, I dare say we all need to stand up and thank him for being who he is.

Thank God for Sidney Crosby.

I will give you a moment to stand up and clap.

That's right, he is the blessing that Wings fans have been aching for since the departure of Claude Lemieux and Co. as serious foes. Crosby is Lemieux times 50.

The rivalry the Wings had with Colorado was so epic because of the playoff tragedies and triumphs that each team endured through the 10 years of its existence. We not only wanted to beat the Avs, but make them bleed. You hated Patrick Roy , you hated Adam Foote, you hated Joe Sakic.

But the Avs brought out the best in the Red Wings and their fan base.

Crosby and the Pens are now on pace to do the same....so far , so good.

How brutal was it to see them raise the cup at the Joe last summer? It made the collective fan base absolutely crazy with rage.

However, Detroit needs Sidney Crosby.

He is the antagonist that makes the rivalry so enjoyable.

Sid will sucker punch players, slash guys while the ref isn't looking, and always manage to get in some late-game shenanigans when the result is determined.

Heck, I bet Crosby would come up to see in the street and throw your child in a nearby well. Sid is dirty, that's the player he has become.

But, without the dirty play he is just a Jarome Iginla or Marian Gaborik, a superstar scorer that just doesn't put butts in the seat. Detroiters would pay to see Crosby get his rear end kicked.

You could sell out the Big House if there was promise that Crosby would be beaten and humiliated in the middle of the field.

He brings out the passion that the team and fans desperately need.

Thanks , Sid.

Detroit Red Wings

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