My 2010 Fantasy Baseball First Pick: My Perfect Draft

Fantasy Knuckleheads@_knuckleheadsCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2010

What the hell were you thinking with that pick?

So you’ve been doing your research, prepping for your draft…or one of many drafts. You have your cheat sheets and your list of sleepers. You are determined you’re going to have the perfect draft.

Yet, you approach your draft apprehensively, because you’ve been here before, armed to the teeth with stats and expert advice, and when the draft was over you looked upon your roster and sighed.

Not perfect. Nowhere near perfect.

So why does it seem like those other morons in the league seem to have fared better? Quick, sign up for another team. You’ll get it right this time.

This is how managers end up with a dozen teams each year.

So how does one complete the perfect draft?

Well, first you have to change your view of what a perfect draft is. Let’s start with a draft based on average draft pick (ADP). For the purposes of our article we will give YOU, the reader, the sixth pick.

Below you will find the first 10 rounds of a 10 team draft based on ADP in a 5 roto league. Your pick location is in Bold , and I have offered three options for each round. The results are at the bottom of the draft.

1Albert Pujols, StL1B1.1 
2Hanley Ramirez, FlaSS2.4 
3Alex Rodriguez, NYY3B3.3 
4Ryan Braun, MilLF4.6 
5Chase Utley, Phi2B5.8 
6Prince Fielder, Mil1B7.1Round  1, Option 1
7Matt Kemp, LADCF8.7Round 1, Option 2
8Tim Lincecum, SFSP9.6 
9Carl Crawford, TBLF10.5 
10Mark Teixeira, NYY1B10.7 
11Miguel Cabrera, Det1B11.7 
12Roy Halladay, PhiSP12.7Round 1, Option 3
13Joe Mauer, MinC12.9 
14Ryan Howard, Phi1B13.2 
15Evan Longoria, TB3B13.3Round 2, Option 1 (or Wright)
16David Wright, NYM3B14.9 
17Justin Upton, AriRF18.0Round 2, Option 3
18Felix Hernandez, SeaSP19.7 
19Jacoby Ellsbury, BosCF20.6 
20Troy Tulowitzki, ColSS20.9Round 2, Option 2
21Matt Holliday, StLLF21.2 
22CC Sabathia, NYYSP22.2 
23Ian Kinsler, Tex2B24.1 
24Derek Jeter, NYYSS25.4 
25Zack Greinke, KCSP25.4 
26Adrian Gonzalez, SD1B27.7Round 3, Option 2
27Ichiro Suzuki, SeaRF28.2 
28Jimmy Rollins, PhiSS28.4Round 3, Option 3
29Grady Sizemore, CleCF31.4 
30Robinson Cano, NYY2B32.4Round 3, Option 1 (or Pedroia)
31Dustin Pedroia, Bos2B32.4 
32Dan Haren, AriSP32.5 
33Ryan Zimmerman, Was3B32.9 
34Pablo Sandoval, SF3B34.7 
35Kevin Youkilis, Bos3B38.5Round 4, Option 3
36Jon Lester, BosSP40.2Round 4, Option 2 (Wainwright or Lee)
37Joey Votto, Cin1B41.2 
38Jayson Werth, PhiRF42.0Round 4, Option 1
39Cliff Lee, SeaSP42.0 
40Adam Lind, TorLF42.7 
41Brian Roberts, Bal2B43.2 
42Brandon Phillips, Cin2B44.3 
43Justin Verlander, DetSP44.4 
44Adam Wainwright, StLSP44.9 
45Brian McCann, AtlC44.9 
46Jose Reyes, NYMSS45.4Round 5, Option 1
47Mark Reynolds, Ari3B45.6Round 5, Option 2
48Jason Bay, NYMLF46.4 
49Victor Martinez, BosC48.1Round 5, Option 3
50Justin Morneau, Min1B48.2 
51B.J. Upton, TBCF48.6 
52Johan Santana, NYMSP52.7 
53Chris Carpenter, StLSP54.8 
54Aramis Ramirez, ChC3B55.7 
55Curtis Granderson, NYYCF56.8Round 6, Option 1
56Carlos Lee, HouLF57.4Round 6, Option 2
57Mariano Rivera, NYYRP57.8 
58Andre Ethier, LADRF59.0 
59Kendry Morales, LAA1B60.1 
60Jonathan Broxton, LADRP60.3 
61Nick Markakis, BalRF62.3 
62Ben Zobrist, TB2B64.7Round 6, Option 3
63Yovani Gallardo, MilSP65.2 
64Josh Beckett, BosSP66.3 
65Nelson Cruz, TexRF66.7 
66Adam Jones, BalCF69.9 
67Javier Vazquez, NYYSP70.0 
68Bobby Abreu, LAARF71.7Round 7, Option 1 (or Adam Jones)
69Adam Dunn, Was1B72.0Round 7, Option 3
70Aaron Hill, Tor2B73.2Round 7, Option 2
71Chone Figgins, Sea3B73.4 
72Josh Johnson, FlaSP74.2 
73Shin-Soo Choo, CleRF76.0 
74Shane Victorino, PhiCF76.4 
75Jonathan Papelbon, BosRP77.4 
76Tommy Hanson, AtlSP77.4Round 8, Option 1
77Josh Hamilton, TexCF78.8Round 8, Option 2
78Billy Butler, KC1B80.4 
79Derrek Lee, ChC1B80.8 
80Torii Hunter, LAACF83.6 
81Manny Ramirez, LADLF85.2 
82Joakim Soria, KCRP85.8 
83Francisco Rodriguez, NYMRP86.7 
84Gordon Beckham, CWS3B86.7 
85Andrew McCutchen, PitCF87.1Round 8, Option 3
86Lance Berkman, Hou1B87.4 
87Matt Wieters, BalC88.1Round 9, Option 1
88Brandon Webb, AriSP89.2 
89Michael Young, Tex3B91.5 
90Matt Cain, SFSP91.6Round 9, Option 3
91Ricky Nolasco, FlaSP91.8 
92Carlos Pena, TB1B92.9 
93Cole Hamels, PhiSP94.0Round 9, Option 2
94Elvis Andrus, TexSS94.2 
95Johnny Damon, DetLF96.8 
96Ubaldo Jimenez, ColSP97.8 
97Jake Peavy, CWSSP98.0Round 10, Option 1
98Hunter Pence, HouRF98.4Round 10, Option 2
99Carlos Quentin, CWSLF98.6Round 10, Option 3
100Andrew Bailey, OakRP101.8 
Option 1Option 2Option 3
CWeiters1BA. GonzalezCMartinez
SSJ. ReyesOFKempSSRollins
OFWerthOFC. LeeOFJ. Upton
SPPeavySPHamelsSPM. Cain


After the first 10 rounds off the draft, all three potential teams are off to an excellent start, with a nice blend of power, speed, and average. I focused on getting my offense done first, while picking up a couple of solid starting pitchers.

Any combination in any of those rounds would have been the foundation for a dream fantasy team. The trick is balancing patience with knowledge.

You will note that in the first round, for my third team option I dipped outside the first round draft picks to grab Roy Halladay . Tim Lincecum would have been an excellent choice, too, but I have more faith in Halladay's situation this year; he's on a solid offensive team, and his switch to a new league with no DH. Which brings me this:

Do NOT get caught up in draft position and rankings. Follow your instincts, and the map you have drawn up for your draft. If you make changes as you go, do it based on what makes sense for your team, not because X player is being taken two rounds before the guy you think will help you best.

Finally, you'll note I did not draft a single closer in the first 100 picks. That is a rule I follow religiously. In the first 10 rounds, six closers were taken. That means there are 24 more options for the second half, while you have the heart of your team already built.

Now go draft a winner!!!


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