This Is Why They Call It Madness

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This Is Why They Call It Madness
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Let me catch my breath.

This has been one of the most incredible basketball tournaments I’ve ever witnessed. So much has gone on from Thursday to Sunday that everything sort of blends together like an upset smoothie, and I drank it all up.

There are three, yes three, double digit seeds in the sweet 16. The most surprising of which has to be Cornell. However, I have a feeling they’ll get romped by Kentucky. Yo Cornell, I’m happy for you and imma let you finish, but George Mason had one of the greatest runs of all time!

Speaking of Kanye West, do you think President Obama said Ali Farokhmanesh was a jackass when he nailed that three pointer to officially ruin his bracket? Even the student body of Northern Iowa didn’t foresee that upset coming. It probably would have been easier to tell you what’s going to happen in the next episode of LOST than to have predicted this tournament.

The only part of the tourney that went “as planned” (meaning the higher seed won) is the matchup between Duke and Purdue. The thing about that is, people said Purdue was going to lose the first round, so in a way that was an upset. That just shows how crazy this entire four days of madness has been.

There have been so many buzzer ending shots, final two-minutes that drag out for hours, and Matt Howard piggy-back rides that the only thing I can compare this feeling to being stuck in a dryer with fireworks exploding all around you.  It has been that intense.

It would be unfair to expect this type of outcome out of any future basketball tournament. There have been 13 games where the final score was within just one possession. We are only two rounds into this tournament and already have had the excitement we needed from the entirety March Madness.

We are just 12 games away from a possible Northern Iowa vs. Cornell finals in Indianapolis. Although highly unlikely, the fact that it’s still a possibility is mindboggling in itself.

The only part that could have needed improvement was in the commerical department. Is there anybody left that is unsure if their bags fly free at Southwest Airline? Did you hear about Sully? I realize the NCAA is all about the money, but get some diversity in there.

Even though my bracket for the most part has been busted, I can proudly say that my final four is still tact (Ohio State, Kentucky, Duke, Syracuse). Does that mean I’m smarter than the president who only has two final four seeded teams remaining? Possibly.

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