On The Way To The Big Dance; Big Injuries? No Problem

JC AugustineCorrespondent IMarch 22, 2010

Now every team has there struggles on their road to the big dance, but most teams don't lose the heart and sole of their team.

Purdue lost their best all big man, shooter, and player with Robbie Hummel. He tore his acl and with that the hopes of Purdue seemed shredded to pieces. Especially after their lost to Minnesota everybody had Purdue losing to Sienna in the first round. 

But you know what? Purdue didn't just beat Sienna, they didn't just rip out the Aggies hearts in thrilling over time, they did so with style.

The heart and soul of Purdue is showing and everyone on the team has boilered up! The grit and defense that is being shown now makes Purdue the most dangerous in the bracket. The ball is in Duke's court now and they need to bring their a game if they want to have a chance to beat Purdue.

Purdue is not the only team in the big ten with star players being injured, Michigan State crushed the dreams of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Terrapins but at what cost?

The 2009 Big Ten Player of the year went down with three minutes left in the first quarter. MSU's go to man, the man who has carried MSU game after game, the man who I and the spartan nation thank god for went down with a torn Achilles. 

Now any other game MSU would have rolled up and died, actually they already did that when he severely sprained his ankle against Wisconsin.

But this isn't the same old Spartans of just a few weeks ago. Thanks to Jud Heathcote's seafood dinner, team sleep overs, and a new sense of unity Sparty prevailed(and got in the dog pile).

Now I have a theory on why both teams have been able to do so well even with their best men down. With game makers like Lucas and Hummel gone players no longer have that thought that those two men can save their team's ass.

In order for them to win and get to the big dance everybody has to step up their game. Against the Aggies over nine Boilers scored and the Krammer rose to the occasion. 

With Lucas gone the team filled the void. Over eight players scored and elven of them got good playing time. Summers, Morgan, Green, Nix, and of course Lucious pulled it off and are playing their best ball of the year in March due to Tom Izzo's ability to pull it all together at the right time.

So which team do you think is playing better and could Purdue and MSU meet in the National Title game?