Mauer Signs, Nathan Out

Tom DubberkeCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2010

More big news for Twins’ fans.  They signed Mauer to an eight year deal for a total of $184 million with a no-trade clause.  It’s the fourth biggest contract in total amount in baseball history, after the two big deals signed by A-Rod and Derek Jeter’s $189 million deal.

It’s a little more than I expected.  I kind of thought that they’d agree to something in the $150-$170 million range.

The Twins got a home-town discount, in terms of what Mauer would have received from one of the eight richest teams on the open market, but it wasn’t much and it’s certainly as much as any of the poorest 22 teams could reasonably afford to lay out.

I’m sure Twins’ fans are happy.  After all, it isn’t their money.  Now all Mauer has to do is stay healthy, which isn’t as easy as it sounds when you are a 6′5″ 230 lbs catcher.

It’s a long way off into the future, but I’ll predict now that when Morneau’s remaining four years on his six-year $80 million contract, which had been the longest and richest in Twins history until today, runs out, the Twins move Mauer to first base for good.  In the meantime, the Twins will have four more years of the M & M boys, which should be good years for the Twins if both can stay healthy.

In news that surprised me less, Joe Nathan is, in fact, out for the year and will have elbow surgery.  I sure didn’t think the odds were good that he’d pitch much this year with a torn elbow tendon.

This should mean even more news for the Twins in the next two weeks.  Now they have to figure out who their closer is going to be, and the expectation remains they will trade Glen Perkins for another reliever.