TNA Destination X 2010: BR Prediction League Results

Josh Logan@@IAMCalamityAnalyst IMarch 21, 2010

What a night!

It seems that we will begin anew on the grandest stage of them all in one week at WrestleMania.

Please start spreading the word about the league.


CONGRATULATIONS To T Johnson on devouring the league and coming out on top as your Winner!


Starting next week all records are clean and everyone will be on an even standing.


There will be a few rule changes, but that will be in a post later this week.


Here is how we all did:


Bobby Lewis –32 (Winner)


Siva Prasad –30

T Johnson –30

Tom Dunn –28’

John Landrigan –21

DDBOY29 –20

Niall Kelcher –19

Aadhya Shivakumar –17

Josh Logan –16

Dustin Speaker –11

Josh McMullen –8


Here’s how we line up in the League:


01 T Johnson              299


02 Josh Logan            276

03 Bobby Lewis         275

04 Niall Kelcher         264

05 John Landigran      245