A Letter To David Beckham

Ben OakfordContributor IMarch 21, 2010

MILAN, ITALY - MARCH 14:  David Beckham of AC Milan during the Serie A match between AC Milan and AC Chievo Verona at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on March 14, 2010 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Claudio Villa/Getty Images

David Beckham, the moment you snapped your achilles tendon i cried a little inside. It wasn't because i felt sorry for you, or for the prospect of  missing out on the world cup that means so much to you. It wasn't even the realisation that i may never see you in an England shirt again,  nor was it accepting the fact that you were no longer the nations saviour. The real reason my i started to internally drip was because of the impact your injury is going to have on our chances at the world cup.

Yes, you are still a very good player. Yes, you do add something to the team that no other current player can. And yes, your performances for Milan and your fitness levels would guarantee you a place in the squad by the meritocratic selection policy employed by Capello. But tactically and technically we can cope without you.

The real thing about you David Beckham, that separates you from everybody else, is your experience. I'm not talking about experience solely in terms of England caps held and tournaments played in. At this moment in time the England team is in a state of moral disarray which has provoked the question, Will Terry's misdemeanours have a profound effect upon the harmony in the squad? Capello is an authoritarian manager, he does not tolerate lapses in discipline, but despite stripping Terry of the England captaincy he held so dear, he may have not fully addressed the issue. Terry is a good defender, and he is an addition to the England team, and professionally, dropping him never even came into consideration. However, Rumours within the football world suggest Lampard and the rest of the Chelsea contingent have lost faith in the man they once placed such emphatic faith in, and the rest of the players are bound to have an opinion on the matter, though nothing thus far suggests the players are not professional enough to put it behind them.

Mr Beckham, if you were there, your general embodiment of everything that is good about the English footballer; your pride to wear the shirt and what it means to you, how we see it on your face, how you chase the lost cause, you empower the winstonian spirit- you never retreat, you never surrender. You provide the England team with a calmness and air of positivity. Your are the calm, passionate yin, to Rooney's bull-doggish, passionate yang. John Terry was the happy equilibrium in my eyes prior to his 'conquests', and we no longer have the captain we deserved or the Beckham factor.

Mr Beckham, we've shared alot of ups and downs. Last minute goals to 60th minute red cards. this is just a letter letting you know that you are respected as a professional as-well as a player and you will be sorely missed.