How The Iron Bowl Could Determine Future Champions.

Ross CollingsContributor IMarch 21, 2010

The Iron Bowl over history, has always mostly been a one sided affair for whichever team was the hottest. Including Alabama's 9 streak over Auburn in the Bear Bryant era and Auburn's 6 streak over Alabama in the 21st century.

However, with Alabama now back in the national picture every year, and Auburn's newly profound excitement to the program, the Iron Bowl looks set to be one of the greatest stints ever in the history of the rivalry, with Chizik looking to compete in the SEC west along with Alabama in which could determine future champions of the West or even a possible place in a National Championship game.

But how long will it take for Gene Chizik and Auburn to compete in the SEC West? Well, i'd say immediately. Chizik has took a 5-7 team, to an 8-5 team in one season. But with another season under the belts for these coaches, you have to consider Auburn the dark horse for the SEC West this year. 

But back to the point, with the way Alabama play and how they recruit, it will be tough to predict and figure out who will win the upcoming Iron Bowls since they are at times just unpredictable.

Who predicted Auburn would keep it close with Alabama and end the game 26-21 last season? Not many, in fact everyone i saw predicted Alabama by at least a 17 point margin.

With how Auburn are now looking to compete with the Crimson Tide in being the top dog in the state of Alabama, Nick Saban may find his job tougher than he thinks. Auburn are already matching Alabama in recruiting and now are looking to win on the field.

It will be interesting to see if Auburn and Alabama meet up to decide which team goes to Atlanta the following week, or at least to see which fans get bragging rights for the next 365 days.

One things for sure. Which is that this rivalry is not going to be as one sided as people think it may be. It will swing to many different sides with the how these times are shaping up, but the real question is. Which team will achieve more in the next few years? Well stay tuned folks, this is going to be a big one.