Lebron May Be MVP But He's Far From King Until He Gets The Rings.

Tommy RossCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2010

Lets get one thing clear, Lebron James is awesome! He is so awesome it is unreal. His physique is reminiscent of the days where I created basketball players on my Play Station console that resembled football players.

It was just totally unfair my little brother would get upset because I would just muscle my ways to wins. We both agreed that it wasn't natural or possible until now.

There has been nothing in the NBA close to Lebron since its conception. Yes his style of play resembles Magic Johnson for the most part if you take away flare and finesse and substitute it with raw power.

However when one gazed upon Magic they saw a basketball body, long arms lean muscle, tall fit.

When you look at Lebron he's big as a defensive end ,tall as a power forward and as fast as a guard. His physical attributes go unquestioned, it is his desire to win that remains unanswered.

I know there are some out there they will point out that The Cavs has led the league in wins going on two years now. I agree they have had their way and I add to that they should!

With the hype that Lebron has recieved, playing in the conference that barely has a winning p percentage of 47%.

 Even though Lebron's numbers are commendable and his team is dominatingng once again, it is very understandable considering their competition and the pick and roll offense they play.

Now let us examine Kobe and the competition he goes up against on a nightly basis.

 While Kobe's numbers have not been as spectacular as James, he has still managed to lead his team to a 51-18 record in a much tougher conference having a 52% winning p percentage.

Not to mention that Kobe has played through a fractured finger, back spasms, strained elbow and etc. With all that said the battle weary warrior is all that has stood in the way of Denver taking over the Western Conference.

With 7 game winners and 6 of them coming within the last 10 seconds of the game, Kobe has single handedly kept the Lakers ahead of the pack.

As far as the MVP is concerned yes the Cavs did beat the Lakers twice this year, but does that alone put Lebron above Kobe?

If so then why didn't that work for Kobe last year when the Lakers dominated the Cavs?

Anyone starting to see the double standards?

With real basketball fans starting to take the backseat to number crunching stat nerds such as Hollinger. The MVP will be determined by numbers alone, and in so doing Lebron is the default MVP.

Only because the most important statistical category is ignored, championships. How long will the MVP award be given to player that is not a proven champion?

How long will numbers take the place of actual performances, clutch shots, playing hurt willing your team to victories on the games biggest stage?

If Lebron isn't careful he's going to end up the proverbial Dan Marino of the NBA.

Holding all of the major statistical records but having nothing really to show for it. Then to add insult to injury one by one your records eventually fall to a player with a ring pushing you into the abyss of obscurity.

Lebron is phenomenal, champion of stats, as he should be. The most athletic player playing against the weaker competion should not only rack up points, assist and rebounds.They should also rack up championships.

If your the best player on the best team in the regular season, you have to be able to maintain that level of play in the post-season.

And yes Lebron is knocking down Kobe's records one by one his latest is the yougest player to reach 15,000 points.

What the public is forgetting though is that Kobe was a 3 time world champion when he garnered the milestone. Big Difference.

In short Lebron might be MVP but he's far from the King until he gets the rings.