Shawn Michaels:The Boyhood Dream Will Never Die

Blue StreakContributor IMarch 21, 2010

                We all know that at Wrestlmania 26, a man by the name of Shawn michaels will put his career on the line against the legendary streak of the Undertaker.

            Shawn Michaels has always been controversial,selfish, and even arrogant at times.But in all honesty Michaels deserves to win this match.Personally,I think Part 2 of Michaels career was much better than Part 1.

           Let rewind back to when he was in the rockers.He had practically no experience.He did mostly elbow drops and moonsaults...which he can still do today.But the key thing he was missing here was timing.

        Lets fast forward to now.He can still do everything he used to do but now he has experience.When does a superkick,it isnt a superkick anymore.Its like a work of art.The guy just turn arounds and.....Bam!!SWEET CHIN MUSIC!

      He is in his 40's and he is still putting on 5-star matches with the likes of limited wrestlers such as John Cena and Batista.

    And when you think about it Shawn's Career is way more important than Taker's streak.When comes to Wrestlmania,they are usually relying on Mr.Wresltmania.I never thought I'd say this but i want Shawn to beat Undertaker's streak.