Why the BCS Is Stupid and a College Football Playoff Is Better

LoudMouf Sports Correspondent IMarch 21, 2010

The E trade baby is there for nothing more than my own weird humor but let's talk about the BCS—one of the biggest flaw in American history, only second to the election of George W. Bush, but that's neither here nor there.

I am going to try not to bring up the fact that the BCS is an absolute monopoly and I am going to try to be nice when I talk about the fact that college football is run by some old fat guys who never played anything higher than junior varsity football.

What I will talk about is the "issues" they argue why we cannot have a playoff system which is also a fair system.

The main debate is that if we were to copy college basketball and go with an elite 8 type tournament then it would do away with bowls for teams who aren't competing in the tournament, which is correct it would, but being the genius I am I have solved the dilemma.

How about this: for the teams that qualify, we allow them to compete in the Pacific Life Bowl, the Emerald Bowl, the Meinke Car Care Bowl, and the ever-so-exciting Papajohns.com Bowl!

Then the top teams qualify for the elite 8 tournament for the National Championship.

That's not all! So that the NCAA can still make ridiculous amounts of money, you can call each game of during the tournament a bowl name so let's say when #1 seed plays the 8th seed you can call that the Gator Bowl, when 2 plays 7 call that the Sugar Bowl, when 3 plays 6 call that call that the Cotton Bowl, when 4 plays 5 call that the Fiesta Bowl.

So now we have a nice little system going, but pay attention because it could get confusing. We are into the second round now and all of the top 4 teams have gone on to beat their opponents so then we have 1 playing 4 call that the Rose Bowl, 2 playing 3 call that the Orange Bowl.

Then the National Championship game will be called whatever they choose to call it and while we are on the topic how stupid is it that the Rose Bowl is played with the Pac 10 team and a Big Ten team, one team travels all the way across the country while the other takes a five-minute bus ride to the stadium.

So with my genius mind I have solved the issue and I look forward to the NCAA using this system because it's flaw-free. It's a mixture of both because let's quit cheating Boise State for a chance to play in the title game.

The NCAA tried to be funny this year by scheduling Boise State and TCU to play each other and both played well but obviously we refuse to acknowledge the greatness of Chris Peterson and the Boise State Broncos.

While the Alabama-Texas game was entertaining, I personally would've loved to see to great young minds battle it out for an exciting National Championship because while the Broncos would be undersized they've proved time and time again that it's not a matter of the size of the dog in the fight, but a matter of the size of the fight in the dog.

If you don't believe me, ask the Oklahoma Sooners; they fell victim to the Boise State skill and precision.