Los Angeles Dodgers: Wheelin' and Dealin'

Allen LieuCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2008

July 31st is the last day of teams making deals quickly in order for them to be eligible for the postseason. Teams usually try to pick up key players before this deadline (the Brewers landed C.C. and the Cubs landed Harden). The Dodgers apparently had a chance to land C.C. but at what cost? What would've happened if CC (I guess you change your name when you come to the NL), walked away from the Dodgers? It seems like every time the Dodgers are trying to make a deal with another team, the other team demands a major league ready player. Look at Cleveland's deal with the Brewers. If I were the Indians I would've waited a little longer to try to get other teams to give up more than just a couple of minor leaguers.

Here are some reasons why the Dodgers need to make a few deals by the trade deadline. The Dodgers could use a shortstop but the rumor is that we will be trading for Jack Wilson. Nomar, a shortstop before he came to the Dodgers, has filled in the role nicely. If he should get injured the Dodgers need to find a shortstop but one that can actually produce or prevent runs. Luiz Maza and Angel Berrora are not cutting it.

The bench needs a huge overhaul. Besides Delwyn Young, our bench is not that great. Sweeney, who is supposed to the pinch hitting specialist, is hitting below .100! Yikes! I cringe every time he comes up to bat. Who else is on the bench that can come in to hit in critical situations?

We could always use more pitching but every team wants pitching. We just need guys to get healthy. I want to see Schmidt come back and pitch. The Dodgers have Kershaw in the minor leagues so he may be coming back soon. Penny needs to get healthy. Scott Proctor has been on the DL and he needs to come back strong so that he can be the reliable workhouse that Torre depends on.

The Dodgers should add a power bat but it will not happen. The Dodgers should target pitching as their priority during the deadline and the offseason. If we are able to land a better pinch hitting specialist, then we should be good to go. Hopefully the Dodgers come back strong and take the West. The West this year is the Wild Wild West, where anything can happen.