According to John P. Saboor, WWE Is Not a Wrestling Promotion

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIMarch 21, 2010

John P. Saboor is the WWE's senior vice president of special events and had this to say in a recent interview at

“A common misconception is that WWE is still the regional wrestling organization Vince McMahon purchased in 1982. Over the past 28 years, WWE has evolved into a publicly traded, global-media entertainment company.”

(The interview can be read here.)

So how can it be a misconception when four times a week the WWE has guys in a ring wrestling for wins and titles?  How can it be a misconception when this so called Entertainment Company has the word "wrestling" in its name?

It's mind-boggling how Vince McMahon won’t even call his WWE superstars wrestlers any more.

It’s sad that WWE is forgetting its humble roots as a wrestling territory and now it wants to not be a wrestling promotion.

I say that if it does a Suplex like a wrestling promotion, cuts a promo like a wrestling promotion, and looks like a wrestling promotion, it must be a freaking bona fide wrestling promotion.

I believe that John P. Saboor, Vince McMahon, and the rest of the WWE are the ones with the misconception, not the wrestling fans!