Manchester United: Red Knights Put Up Or Shut Up Please

Red Army ManchesterCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2010

For the last few weeks all Manchester United fans have heard are yet more rumours, the Red Knights (yet another wealthy group of businessmen)are riding into town, to help to save the damsel in distress (Manchester United) from the evil landlord.

But are the people really that impressed?

There are the protesters, who truly believe, that what they are doing, is helping to get rid of the evil that grips the land.

The Knights battle cry, is total rebellion, so the people duly obey but where are the Knights when the battle is in full swing, sitting in the local hostelry, having yet another beer and doing even more talking.

Isn't it about time the Knights took to their trusty steeds and came to join the battle, or are they just going to ride on by?

I tend to think it's more likely the latter, the evil landlord is far more entrenched than they have given him credit for and he is fully prepared for a long long siege.

The saddest part of all, it's the poor people who are living in hope, they are the one's paying for this, no one else.