Manny vs. Mo

Robert NelsonCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2008

Three pitches.  Sit down. 

How did that happen?  We must understand a few things.  The game is on the line.  Rivera is a legend and Manny is not Charlie Hustle. 

First pitch, cutter inside.  Manny swings and he breaks his bat.  No thanks.

Second pitch, cutter outside.  Manny lays off it like extra cheese on his Whopper.

Third pitch, cutter outside.  Punch-out, gone, done with, no more swings for you.  Go sit down.

How did this happen?  ESPN was as amazed as I was. Then you analyze the situation and it becomes so clear. 

Manny has to extend his arms.  Pitchers are wristing him, and without Ortiz he's become a clown. 

Enter Rivera, the chessmaster.  What goes through the mind of Mo? 

First pitch, need a strike, but something he can't hit.  Wrister, strike one, to Manny it's no big deal.

Second pitch, cut the outside corner.  Manny is expecting to be jammed again, fooled you.  Strike two.

Third pitch, here's the chess match.

Will it be inside or will it be outside?  Manny's thinking inside but he's wrong.  He's so wrong he hasn't even mustered a swing during the at bat, and is asked to have a seat on the bench. 

It's still no big deal to him.  Just another at bat.  He doesn't get it. 

I'd love to sit down with Pete Rose and get three questions to ask him.  One would be "What do you think of Manny Ramirez?"  I bet he'd have a few things to say.