"Why the D-Backs should not press the panic button yet"

Dustin HuntContributor IJuly 10, 2008

Fans in Arizona are worried, very worried about the D-Backs playoff aspirations.  They think if the D-Backs don't win the division or make the playoffs, then we need to start over from scratch. I do not see why people begin to panic. 

The team is YOUNG

It is true that we have very talented players on our team (Justin Upton, Chris Young) but they are so young still. with the team we have in place now, we are set up to win for the next 5-7 years! We do not need to win the world series this year, and if we miss the playoffs so what? we weren't even expected to make it out of the cellar last season. with a few minor tweaks to the lineup in the off-season, and if we keep our top prospects in tact, then the Diamondbacks are World Series bound for the next few years.