Rich Rodriguez: Kicking the Dog While He's Down

Ryan StubbsCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2008

July 10th, 50 days before the kickoff of college football's first Saturday.  This is a time that brings hope and optimism to fans that no longer want to travel to Boise or Detroit for bowl games, but yearn for something bigger. 

It's a time in which we believe reports about how our new starting sophomore running back who played all of three games in mop-up roles last season has been amazing in practice all offseason and is supposed to lead this team.

Or how our QB, who couldn't stay in the pocket longer than three seconds at the end of last season (Boeckman), has worked on that problem and it's now fixed.

But in Michigan, this offseason has been a series of Debbie Downer events. With even die-hard Wolverines fans in need of a depth chart guide for the first game against Utah, Michigan has had a personnel overhaul that is unheard of in recent memory for a marquee program.

Besides a coaching change, they lost eight offensive starters (QB, RB, two WRs and four of five offensive linemen) also four defensive starters, including their captain Shawn Crable. 

No worries, they'll sign a marquee coach who will come in, land some recruits before signing day, and turn us around.

Define marquee.

Rich Rod's debut as Michigan coach has thus far been a series of unfortunate events, from losing players to transfers (Ryan Mallett and Justin Boren the biggest, five total transfers), to losing out on the Terrelle Pryor sweepstakes.

Hey, I'm not sold on Pryor yet, but I'm just glad he didn't go to Michigan. I did not want to face him for the next four seasons.

And then there were the accusations of eroding family values under Rodriquez, his profanity laced tirades during practice. The drinking, the coming home late without a courtesy call or explanation. The messy divorce with the ex a few states over, a settlement that cost both the new lover and Rodriguez a lot of time, money and headache. 

All of this has happened in the span of six months.

As a fan, I'd be ready to throw in the towel already on this season. There is no hope for me this year; and with how Rodriguez has handled his business thus far, I'd be worried about the future too.

But I heard nothing from Wolverines fans, no talk of being upset, and no talk of failure. They were still optimistic on this season. And then I came across this, this afternoon an article from the Detroit Free Press ripping Rodriguez worse than Jon Stewart rips President Bush. 

This article is a firsthand account of what has happened to the team, and what will continue to happen under Rodriguez's tenure. You know it scUM fans, you're just in denial right now.

It's unsettling to see someone that was once proud, mighty, and rich to be begging for quarters. In the same way Bill Gates would never run out of money, you would think Michigan would never run out of wins, or car factories (oh wait...). 

But you got what you paid for scUM.  And no matter if your new George Carlin of the sidelines (no death pun intended, but rather the profanity angle) turns you into a perennial winner, won't you always worry?

Is it quite possible that the same coach who recruited Pacman Jones and Chris Henry to what was a nothing West Virginia program (seriously, seven seasons with more than eight wins in the 30 seasons prior to his arrival), will recruit the same "quality" to Michigan?

Won't you always worry about him leaving you for a new, trendier, better paying school? Won't you worry about how he's getting his recruits? Or worry about how he treats his players in practice? Would you be surprised to hear a report of Rich-Rod physically confronting one of his players? I wouldn't.

Don't you worry that a guy who had difficulties speaking to the media at West Virginia could say anything at anytime now? I mean look at the guy, he just looks like he killed his wife and got away with it. His wry smile and stare make me nervous for you.

I go to bed at night not having to worry about these things, with or without winning. There is no overhanging cloud of conspiracy at OSU, no matter what ESPN tried to force feed you four to five years ago.

So as a fan looking forward to yet another college football season in which my team is supposed to be near the pinnacle of college football's best, I pity you scUM fan. I feel sorry for you.  I can't imagine what it feels like to go through all of the summer knowing there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Fall does not bring better days ahead. Hope does not exist for you. And that makes you weak. I pity you.

And then I stop my pity and laugh my a** off. Way to screw up again Morons!



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