The Big Dance: Round 1

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The Big Dance: Round 1
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The first song of The Big Dance has ended, and Round 1 has come to a close.  One thing I can say for sure is that polls don't mean anything when it comes to a team with an unquenchable desire to win and a heart that just won't give up.  Murray State?  Wow! Can I admit to squealing with delight and jumping up and down when they won?  I was just amazed that, for one....yeah, I  had picked them, but even more so....that they actually won!!! And in such dramatic fashion too!  Any girl would be proud of that drama-inducing game!  I also picked BYU.  "Why?," you may ask?  I'd like to say that I picked them because of "Jimmer time," but that'd be a little too ditzy even for me, considering that I looked at their team stats and compared PPG, FG%, FT%, rebound margins, TO's, foul %, to the team they were playing.  Honestly, until yesterday I'd never heard of "Jimmer time!"  :)  The big upsets to MY bracket were the losses of: Georgetown, Temple, Marquette, and Richmond.  Bummer!  :(

As for my bracket after round one:  in Rivals I'm 22 of 32, and in the ONE pool I'm 23 of 32...weird, but I've looked this bracket over with a fine-tooth comb and that's what I come up with every time.  On my ESPN pool I have 250 pts of 320 for the 1st round...whatever that means...96.6%.  :~  Not too bad, considering my general lack of knowledge about this sport, the teams involved, and which conference is the strongest, which translates into "who has the toughest schedule" sort of thing, in what I call "man-speak" anyway.

I'll update again after Round Two.  Wish me luck!  :)


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