Fantasy Fallout: Movers and Shakers

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Fantasy Fallout: Movers and Shakers
IconJeff Sugar reveals the steals and ripoffs of your upcoming Fantasy Football draft.   
No, we're not talking about Salt N' Pepa' here; more like Leinart N' Culpepper. I'm back in the saddle, and back on the web with the information you need to know for Fantasy Football. First, let's talk about some of the players who have stock moving faster than Enron's circa 2002:

Domanick Davis
: If there were a player that has screwed up the most "early drafts" this year, it's gotta be DD. Most likely, DD is out for the season (maybe popping in for week 15 or 16, after the Texans are done). Once a second round pick, DD drops off the charts entirely. To make up for this, Wali Lundy moves into the RB #1 spot (hypothetically), and makes for a later draft pick. Don't forget about this guy, as he's in a position to put up DD-esque numbers (probably even better).

Clinton Portis: The runner-up to my previous award has gotta be CP. First, he gets hurt, and is iffy to start the season. Then, just to spite those of us that drafted him, the 'Skins go out and get TJ Duckett to vulture those goal line TDs. Bottom Line: If CP is even PLAYING, he's going to see a sharp drop in TDs. You'll never guess who has both DD and CP on his team from a draft the DAY BEFORE Portis got hurt...yup.

Reggie Brown: Welcome to Philly, Donte Stallworth. May you enjoy all that Philly has to offer, including the total control of Donovan McNabb's affections. If Reggie even GETS the ball, he's going to be the Keenan McCardell to Stallworth/Antonio Gates. In other words, unless Stallworth gets hurt (VERY possible), Brown takes a stat hit.

Terrell Owens: Yeah, that hamstring injury is one thing, but pissing off Cowboys management before you even play? That's impressive, even for you, TO! Concerns about a subpar athletic performance are probably unfounded, but the odds of TO pissing off Parcells are pretty high - especially if he thinks that Terry Glenn is getting the ball more. The fine may only be the beginning...

Curtis Martin/Priest Holmes
: Can you say "Finished?" The big guy on the Jets is likely done, along with the ailing Holmes. The outcome? Kevan Barlow gets the starting nod, and Larry Johnson's job is safe. Speaking of LJ...

The Entire Chiefs Offense
: And why would I be so cruel as to list them here? One man: Willie Roaf. When Roaf missed games last year, Gonzo was reduced to blocking, meaning that the entire passing game consisted of Eddie Kennison (read: worthless). Also, defenses could concentrate on the run even more, meaning some tough love for LJ. The outcome of Roaf's retirement probably won't be this bleak, but keep it on your minds when you draft.

Charlie Frye: A solid camp and a great group of recievers means nothing when your team has gone through four (yes, FOUR) centers in the last month. Due to injuries, prison terms and retirement, the Browns just can't get any stability in the middle of the line. The only thing keeping Frye from soaring right now is the snapper.

TJ Duckett: Stealing touchdowns in Atlanta all the way too...stealing touchdowns in Washington. Same plan, different offense. The results will be the same for Duckett, though - you'll still hate him when you have the starting running back.

Daunte Culpepper: Well, he doesn't look awful. He looks like...Daunte Culpepper. Surprised? Expect numbers like his last year with buddy Randy Moss, but with fewer rushing touchdowns (Ronnie Brown is the man here).  

Ernest Wilford: Apparently, our good friend Ernest P. Whirl is climbing up draft charts with the big "SLEEPER" tag on him. Problem is, he's still not the #1 WR. He's splitting that spot with Matt Jones, and I expect them to have equal numbers (a la Fitzgerald and Boldin, but minus the absurd number of TD's).


Warrick Dunn: Dunn has the entire backfield to himself, and for Dunn owners, it's never felt so good. Best of all, the Falcons are with him all the way, including a recent statement from Coach Jim Mora saying how good Dunn is in short yardage situations. Bonus: Justin Griffith and Jerious Norwood aren't big enough to take the goal line shots just yet. Looks to be a good year for the D-Man...if he can stay healthy.

Kevan Barlow: Getting out of San Francisco was the best career move yet. Barlow will be the big guy for the Jets, and should finally get a chance to prove himself. Can he do it? That remains to be seen. I'm not saying that you blow a draft pick on this guy until the last few rounds, but I am saying to keep an eye on him, as he just might sneak under the radar.

Donte Stallworth: Donte gets a chance to show off his ridiculous speed in Philly. Being as fragile as he is, it s unlikely that Stallworth takes L.J. Smith s role of get over the middle, catch the ball and get creamed, but he looks to take the lion s share of Donovan McNabb s handiwork.

Reggie Bush: I just watched a video of No. 5 in High School, and this only makes me push him higher on the draft sheet. He s going to start eventually, but even when he s splitting time with Deuce, he s going to be grabbing lots of passes and trying to break away. He s been seen going as early as the end of the second round, so plan accordingly.

Frank Gore: With Barlow out of town, Gore gets the running game all to himself. Two words: ABOUT TIME. Gore is easily the better of the two backs, and after making his mark last season, he looks to push the envelope even more. Gore is probably the most valuable player on that entire team right now which of isn t saying much, but still.

Terry Glenn: If Owens plays, then Glenn gets to play in single coverage all game. If Owens doesn t play (very possible), Glenn is the WR #1 to either Bledsoe or Romo, both of whom have proven they can run the offense. Either way, it s a win-win situation for Glenn owners.

Mushin Muhammed: Much like Glenn, the Moose looks to benefit from whoever is starting at QB. Grossman targets the Moose for at least seven catches a game, and Griese might even improve those stats. Either way, Moose is going back to the top.

Matt Leinart: When Kurt Warner gets injured (and he usually does), Leinart is the guy who gets the starting job. Sure, he s riding the bench for now, but even after missing much of camp, Leinart looks like he can run the offense effectively. This means good things for Boldin and Fitzgerald owners.

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