Milton Bradley Will Make Or Break The Mariners In 2010

0Contributor IIIMarch 20, 2010

After Bradley got rewarded with 30 million dollars from a season where he got on base 43% of the time, he ruined the Cubs high expectations by ruining their team chemistry. Bradley hit only .257 and 12 home runs in 124 games. Bradley wanted to leave and the Cubs wanted him out so they traded him to the Mariners for another bust free agent Carlos Silva. A lot of mariner fans are thinking nothing could be worse than Carlos who gets injured all year and gets payed 12 million each year but the one thing that Silva didn't do that Milton did was ruin their teams chemistry. This doesn't show up in the stat column but team chemistry is very important for a team, especially as young and improving as this Mariners ballclub. Chemistry was one of the main reasons for the Mariners success in 2009 particularly because of the return of "The Kid". Speaking of Griffey, Milton's favorite player growing up was him so it will be a good environment for Bradley to work with. That is why I have a good feeling Bradley will be a great fit for the Mariners. Milton Bradley could be a good contributor to the Mariners on the field but he also could ruin the Mariners off the field.