Gary Bettman to Host His Own XM Satelitte Radio Show

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Gary Bettman to Host His Own XM Satelitte Radio Show


Move over Howard Stern—here comes Gary Bettman!

The NHL's big cheese will host the NHL Hour starting November 27th on XM Satellite Radio.

Bettman and other NHL executives will answer questions and announce news during the hour-long, once-a-week news program.

NHL fans from all over will be able to call in or e-mail their questions for Bettman and the other NHL executives to answer.

It will be interesting to see just how "real" the questions are—and how "open" Bettman and the other executives will be in their answers.

Obviously, the calls and e-mails will be screened to weed out the crazy and ignorant. But just how elaborate will Bettman's responses be?

To wit:

"Will the NHL expand to Canada?"

Bettman and others will likely beat around the bush on questions concerning the NHL's focus on the States instead of Canada.

That said, Bettman has in the past given fans the facts as he sees them, and hasn't been afraid to tackle the heavier, "anti-Bettman" questions on programs such as Rogers Sportsnet's Prime Time Sports.

Whether or not Bettman gives NHL fans the answers they want, I—for one—will be listening!

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