Beast or Least

SportsChLeagueContributor IMarch 19, 2010

The Big East Conference is widely acclaimed to be the best NCAA Basketball Conference in the land.  The mighty BEAST placed eight teams in the NCAA Tournament and was expected to run roughshod over a weak at-large field this March.  So what happened on the opening day of March Madness which saw the Conference go 1 and 3 on Thursday and saw Georgetown, Marquette and Notre Dame as spun out of the tournament???  In fact, if not for some questionable calls late in its game against Robert Morris, Scotty Reynolds and Villanova would have shared the fate of the other three, instead of prevailing in overtime.  And that was a 2 versus 15 matchup we are talking about; what is going on?!?

     It appears there is too much inbreeding going on the the Big East.  All the teams try to play big, go for lots of rebounds and be super tough.  Unfortunately, the rest of the field appears to be going small, quick and shooting the lights out of three pointers.  Georgetown had a respectable 38 first half points yesterday, except that opponent Ohio lit them up for 51 in return and cruised to an easy win over the heavily favored Hoyas.  The Golden Eagles of Marquette (who get props for very cool home uniforms!) were shut down and held without a basket over the last four minutes against Washington and Old Dominion shocked the Fighting Irish the day after Saint Patricks Day. 

     The BEAST let us down this year and many brackets (including mine) went bust!  Even President Obama who went 12-4 on opening day got bitten as three of his four losses were the Big East flameouts described above.  The Big Ten learned the hard way in football that speed kills; looks like the Big East is getting the same lesson in College Basketball.

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