Having Fun Yet?: Week 10 NFL Recap and Rankings

Marcus WycheCorrespondent INovember 12, 2007


Chargers 23, Colts 21

I watched with this game with great interest. I was hoping for a complete Charger drubbing. Instead, I saw my hero Peyton Manning throw six picks.

I saw a team that left my home town with only 44 players look like they were shorthanded on offense.

The Colts are supposed to be one of the elite teams in the NFL, and they still are—but how did they lose to the Chargers?

Don't get me wrong—the Chargers are not a bad team. But the Colts should have won that game handily—had a slew of injuries, one bad call, and a shanked field goal not caused them to lose.

Cowboys 31, Giants 20

All of you Cowboy haters—I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the Cowboys are for real.

The one team I thought capable of knocking them off stood no chance.

Tony Romo was stellar, going 20-28 for 247 yards, four touchdowns, and one pick.

Eli Manning didn't have a terrible outing—he hit Jeremy Shockey enough times to keep it close for most of the game, but costly penalties kept the Giants from having a chance to win.

IconBengals 21, Ravens 7

All of the Raven fans out there—including me—need to understand one thing: Steve McNair is done.

I hate to say it, but it's true. He has more turnovers than touchdowns. Kyle Boller has more touchdowns than McNair, and he's the backup.

It's sad to see such a great quarterback go down the way he is.

Here are your Week 10 Power Rankings:

1. Patriots.  Even on a bye week, I think Moss and Welker caught two TDs each.

2. Steelers.  Big Ben is showing everybody that he can win the game with his arm.

3. Cowboys. They have a stranglehold on the NFC East, and that's the bottom line.

4. Colts. They just need to get healthy.

5. Packers. Can Brett really do it one more time?

IconThe Top 5 QBs have not changed:

1. Tom Brady

2. Tony Romo

3. Big Ben Roethlisberger

4. Derek Anderson

5. Peyton Manning

After reading his articles on this site, I have to agree with Kevan Lee: Dick Jauron is Coach of the Year. Other midseason awards:

MVP: Tom Brady

Offensive Player: Tony Romo

Most Improved: Derek Anderson

Rookie of the Year: Adrian Peterson (who else could it be?)

Defensive Player: Mike Vrabel

I'll catch you all next week.


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