You knew this was coming

Paul KasprzakContributor IMarch 19, 2010

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees issued a statement asking fans to join the players in their fight against National Football League owners after it was announced by the National Football League Players Association that two retired players would be added to the Executive Committee.

When it was first reported by that these two retired players cannot vote I knew that it was only a matter of time before Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame guard Joe DeLamielleure fired back, which he did Thursday on the Fourth and Goal Foundation’s website.

Joe D’s letter is spot on and raises some great points.

First, the real issue for retired players is reforming disability plans and increasing pension plans.

The pension plan for players that retired before 1993 is just garbage as some of the players from the old American Football League or only getting a couple hundred a month.

Also, getting disability in the NFL is almost impossible as you basically have to suffer an injury like former Bills tight end Kevin Everett to get it.

Secondly, the fact that Brees’s agent Tom Condon is on the NFLPA’s appointments to the board that reviews disability claims.

That is just mind boggling that an agent who has no back ground in the medical profession can sit there and determine if a person is disabled.

Thirdly, current players get $25 thousand annually to help pay for insurance premiums, co-pays, and other medical related expense.

Finally, players also get a annuity account, second career savings, a severance check, and a pension plan, while retired players that played before 1993 only get a pension plan.

The letter is a fantastic read and people should take time out to read it.

In the end, what the retired players are asking for is just to be able to make ends meet, and everyone is entitled to that.