Fools Gold: Linford Christie Saga

XXX XXXSenior Writer IJuly 10, 2008

Linford Christie’s complaints about being insufficiently honored for what he accomplished in athletics are lamentably weakened by his breezy willingness to dismiss as incidental the doping ban he incurred after testing positive for record levels of nandrolone towards the end of his career.

And his credibility all but evaporates when he wildly attempts to construct a favorable comparison between his feats on the running track and those of a fellow athlete he despises, Lord Coe.

With a catalogue of outstanding successes headed by the winning of the 100m gold medal at the 1992 Olympics, Christie has much justification for pride but none at all for asserting and saying, “I’ve achieved more single-handedly, I’d say, than any other athlete or any other sportsman in this country.”

Apart from capturing gold in the 1500m and silver in the 800m at both the 1980 and the 1984 Olympics, Sebastian Coe set 13 world records, including a time for the 800m that became a magnificent oddity in modern athletics by surviving for 16 years.

Perhaps Christie’s lopsided perspective is to be expected from somebody who seems to have a chip on his shoulder the size of a redwood.