Where Is Jimmy Clausen ?

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Where Is Jimmy Clausen ?
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I have found myself reading a lot about other QBs in this draft. But i have had a hard time finding anything good about Jimmy Clausen - despite him being the no 2 rated QB in the draft.

The most used argument for Jimmy Clausen is that he played in a pro style offense. But nobody really seem to love this kid for anything - except for that. And it seems like Chalie Weis gets all the credit for the things Clausen did well.

Bradford has accuracy, leadership, work ethics - a great - just as we like them - QB

Tebow - is well, his got his Tebowism

McCoy - has alle the stats and merrits - and we all se Drew Brees in him.

Clausen - has  ??

And what really started to anoy me was, that I found myself disliking Clausen for - well nothing at all really. Well maybe he was a little bit of a show off and didn't interview that well.

But how did he get to be the no 2 ranked QB and som mocks even have him going at no 1 or 4 ?

Please tell me that this kid has some great things that can be attrbuted to HIM - something that will make me understand why he is no 2 - and please give me some more reasons than - he has played in an pro style offense under Charlie Weiss.

I really want to like him !!


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