Lebron James: You Need the Ring If You Win the MVP

Tristan SatherContributor IMarch 19, 2010

No doubt LeBron has had the best season out of anyone in the NBA, but the big question is are the Cavs for real come playoff time?

He needs to win a ring if he wins MVP.

With only 14 games left in the regular season, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a record of 54-15 which means LeBron will probably win the MVP.

The MVP award isn't as well remembered if you don't win a ring. Kobe was known as the main man last year after winning the championship against Orlando, even though LeBron won the MVP.

Their record is so good in part because they are in the East and there are only four Eastern teams that would make the playoffs in the West. The only team that can beat the Cavs, with Boston playing badly and the Hawks being too unpredictable, in the East is the Orlando Magic. 

LeBron's triple doubles are overrated because he has the ball all the time. Who else is going to get assists on his team? He is basically a power forward with the perfect size to get great stats.

If the Cavs were to meet the Lakers in the NBA Finals it would be harder for Lebron to be so dominant. Now that Ron Artest has found a rhythm on defense, LeBron won't be as effective in the playoffs. Artest looks quicker on defense and a lot more confident.

If the Cavs were to lose in the playoffs, Lebron's MVP wouldn't really matter.