Do The Cubs Have Any Bobcat Pride?

Bullpen BrianCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2010

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This is unbelievable. My Ohio Bobcats are officially bracket busters! Not in a million years!

Wonder if Comcast’s & WGN’s very own Bob Brenly, Ohio class of ‘76, picked the Cats over Georgetown? Or how about Ohio grads Peter King, Jay Mariotti and Thom Brennaman?

Did anyone, for that matter, pick the Cats to topple G-Town? I certainly didn’t, but at this point who cares. I couldn’t be happier for the ol’ alma mater.

Ohio reaches March Madness about as often as the Cubs win the World Series. But then to actually win a tournament game, dear lord, that’s another story in itself.

The shock of beating Georgetown may take hours, days or even months to set in. Following, however, comes that truly wonderful state of pure bliss, that sort of ‘I can die happy’ feeling. A championship feeling that continues to take shape in places New Orleans, and coming soon Athens, Ohio.

No doubt a World Series title on the North Side would have the same appeal. But that’s crazy talk, right? I mean, what’s next, the Bobcats trouncing Tennessee in Rd 2, the Saints winning the Super Bowl.

C’mon people, that would never happen!