Big Blunder? A First Day of Upsets Gives Us More Questions Than Answers

Brooks DixonContributor IMarch 18, 2010

Well day one of the tournament is over and there have been upsets all over.

But what sticks out are the number of poor showings by Big East teams. Sorry to those of you who made the mistake of picking Georgetown to go to the final four, you can probably count yourself out of your office pool.

After a good showing by the Hoyas in the Big East tourney, they became a popular sleeper pick at a #3 seed. However after day one, Georgetown has already packed their bags for home.

Two other teams predicted to do some damage, Marquette and Notre Dame, each awarded a #6 seed are also heading home thanks to Old Dominion and Washington respectfully.

Not to mention in possibly the most surprising game of the day, Robert Morris gave #2 seed Villanova all it could handle and more before falling in overtime.

But what stands out the most, is Georgetown’s loss.

Anytime you lose to a team and went 7-9 in the MAC, you know you’re in trouble (no disrespect to Ohio). Not only did they lose to Ohio, they were run over by Ohio.

So does this have anything to say about the mighty Big East?

No, not really.

But it could set the stage for a lot to be said tomorrow. Especially if one of the Big East’s front runners, West Virginia or Syracuse were to somehow fall to supposedly inferior teams.

Even if #3 seeded Pittsburgh were to fall to Oakland, people will likely point fingers at the conference that was set to dominate the tournament.