Offseason Depatures Leave Fans Asking Questions: Hossa and Others Jump Ship

Ben Rego@@HereregoagainContributor IJuly 10, 2008

After losing in six games in the Stanley cup final in '08 to the Detroit Red Wings the Pittsburgh Penguins come back in the offseason and let some of their best men go. The biggest being Marian Hossa's departure from the Steel City. How do you let a guy go when you traded Colby Armstrong and other prospects and you don't resign him in the offseason. You just gave up three guys now because of that trade.

The Penguins also let right winger Ryan Malone. Malone coming off of a career season tested free agency also and got picked up by the Lightning. Also in the organizations is his dad Greg Malone who got the job to be the  pro scout for Tampa Bay. How you let these guys go is beyond me but I'm not too worried. It seems we have a team that will make it back to the cup very soon.