Los Angeles Dodgers Broadcaster Vin Scully: A Legend of the Summer

Kyle HuguesContributor IMarch 18, 2010

 Long have been the days of opening our ears to the orchestra of baseball that is Vin Scully.

 With fantastic elaborations and a profound prospective of the game, Mr. Scully has surely etched his name in Dodgers lore. Broadcasters on a regular basis come across plain, and at times, disagreeable. When it comes to Vin Scully, he is as irregular as they come.

 Blending a style of intelligent humor, intricate play-by-plays, and a slew of throwback catch lines, Vin has done more than cement himself in the Hall of Fame (where he was inducted in 1982), but also forever in our minds. Being born in 1990, I grew up listening to Dodgers games, but truly did not understand the significance of the history behind the man.

 Now, it is becoming a reality that this will possibly be his last year in the booth he made.

 It's beyond comprehension to have the ability to reach out to a vast audience and relate so well to each individual, in a very unique way. Vin does this with a natural, uncanny and a sage-like presence.

 The days of Vin Scully walking over the bridge with Duke Snider in Vero Beach are gone. Yet, Vin the Legend is still reaching people, organically as ever.

 Dodgers players, organization staff, and even a random passerby are known to show their respect and gratitude for all of the memories he has left with us.

 It would be appropriate for a man like himself to retire after this, his 60th year. I hold Vin with the highest regard—for giving people a voice to listen to when times were hard and for making those times brighter by simply listening to a Dodgers game.