The Mind Is a Terrible Thing To Taste, But BJ Penn Thinks Different!

jason hughesCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2010

    MC Donald's it is not, but when you are continually eating the blood of a fallen foe, why not snatch up every morsel by getting every last bit from your fingers.

   Legendary MMA god BJ Penn celebrates his victories by "tasting" a little bit of what he has earned from hard work ethic and raw talent. Will the prodigy get a taste of Frankie Edgar's mind in his upcoming title fight, well I would have to say without a doubt yes.

  Not only might he get a sample, I am predicting a full course meal, with a little eyeball tissue, some hair and maybe with a little prodding at the waitress some teeth bits to finish it all off, a true Hawaiian feast, forget about a cooked pig on a sandy beach Penn wants to have Edgar on his next takeout excursion, with this fight shaping up though I am more inclined to just call it a picnic.

   Now we average people usually shell out a decent penny for a night out and a good meal to finish it all off, BUT PENN GETS PAID TO EAT THIS GOOD, how crazy is that. It's just that this meal might be a little bit of a letdown, for there are some menu's that I believe BJ would rather treat his belly to.

   Japanese, I have heard BJ loves Japanese and Shinya Aoki would fill his belly up nicely, Tex-Mex, well hell Eddie Alvarez, leave the mariachi band at home, it won't take that long.

    Then there is always leftovers, blah, Florian, Sanchez, been there I guess if Dana doesn't want to pay for some decent grub then we can always revisit the containers marked with older dates and heat it up, but I think Penn is tired of having the same thing every night!