My Opinion On The Charlie Whitehurst Trade

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My Opinion On The Charlie Whitehurst Trade
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It sounds stupid,right? Trading for a 3rd stringer who has never thrown a pass in the NFL. Then again, if you think about it the other QB's in the draft  have never thrown a pass in the NFL. Charlie Whitehurst was a third round pick out of Clemson university. He was a pretty good quarterback at the university of Clemson. Now you might say his stats at Clemson weren't that good, but he never had a C J Spiller in college or a great running back that would take the pressure off of him and plus he played at Clemson your not gonna be real good at Clemson.

Whitehurst will come in and compete for the starting job which is something he didn't get to do with the Chargers because they had Phillip Rivers. This is a big risk for Pete Carroll in his first year on the job, seeing how Jim Mora's first season was his last. But this might be a good idea the Seahawks have a need at offensive tackle. Now more than ever with Walter Jones retiring (possibly) and if CJ Spiller is still available when Seattle has the #14 pick in the draft the Seahawks will be very reluctant not to take him. If the Seahawks take Spiller then they would have an excellent 1-2 punch with Splller & Forsett. They do have a WR need. They can take a guy like Mardy Gillard with the second round pick. Mardy Gillard is an excellent receiver after the catch.

Of course, Whitehurst will still have to win the job. Even if he doesn't Whitehurst will most likely get his opportunity because Hassleback is just as old as an Alfred Hitchcock movie. So in other words he won't last long. Mostly because he will be more injury prone as he gets older. And his offensive line won't hold up. This may seem dumb because the guy was 3rd stringer. But, think about Kurt Warner he attended the Packers training camp and ended up getting cut. When he first started for the Rams he was a third stringer. Now he is going to the hall of fame. Quarterbacks are almost impossible to scout until you see them throw the ball in an actual game, which Whitehurst hasn't.

You can judge this trade if you want too. But it would be wise to see how it all plays out next season.

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