Red Sox Bad Contracts Will Keep Them Away From Another World Series

Chris SanzoContributor IMarch 18, 2010

    As a general rule, one player cannot make a team. This is correct. However, when the person in question is Jason Bay and you are the Boston Red Sox, he does complete your lineup. It is quite obvious that the Red Sox are afraid to sign the big contract after getting stuck with contracts like Julio Lugo which they are still paying off, but mid-range contracts for people like Cameron, Hermida, and worst of all Beltre are not the answer. Bay gave you a .921 OPS, and I know I may be going out on a limb here, but I'll dare to say Beltre won't give you that, or Cameron for that matter where he is the immediate replacement. Cameron will solidify an outfield that was a bit shaky defensively, and they will need it, now that they have declared themselves to be in the mold of the Angels teams of a few years back. The irony of course is that John Lackey is now their ace, unless you consider him 1A,B, or C to Lester and/or Beckett.

    The blatant truth however is that Francona is not a small ball manager and the players he manages wouldn't know a bunt if it hit them in the head. Maybe they should offer incentives to whoever can bunt and then steal a base. If you really want to get crazy, maybe throw in a sac fly and you get the window seat on the flight home. It was easy to collect the paychecks when Manny was being Manny and hitting his way to victories, or setting the table as Big Papi's personal Mr. Belvedere, but now the term 'manufacture runs' will be what keeps Francona and Sox fans on edge every night.

    Adrain Gonzalez, a Gold-Glove caliber first baseman is the glaring missing piece that the Sox could desperately use. He comes with a mesmerizing .958 OPS to complement his 40 HR and nearly 100 RBI's.  Even better, he offers up his services for $3,125,000 for the moment with obvious big time extensions in his future. I know it seems taboo to make a deal before the deadline, but dead is what the Sox may be if they don't pull the trigger on a big time bat like Gonzalez right now. One injury in the rotation and you could easily drop to 3rd just in the East.