A prime example of what every reporter has to deal with

Paul KasprzakContributor IMarch 18, 2010

When going through college teachers let it be known to prospective journalists that there are people out there that no matter what you do there will be someone who will bash everything you do.

Here is one good prime example of it from Steve Weber in regards to my acceptance into the

“There is a ZERO percent chance that this is true. There is no earthly way that any organization would actually approve you to be a member – ESPECIALLY when it concerns writing. I would wager a large sum of money that they made a mistake & will be correcting it VERY shortly. And when they do, you must print an immediate retraction and apologize. Also, just to show the absurdity of this, you state that this “membership” (which isn’t true) will improve the overall quality of the website, BUT you didn’t bother to even proofread the very post where you claim quality is going up?! “Current Buffalo New Buffalo Bills beat reporter Mark Gaughan is currently vice president.” – HAHAHAHA – I rest my case. My second grade teacher would have a field day with her red pen if I wrote this on a paper back then.

First, wow I forgot a s whoopie freaking doo.

Second, what you are saying is slander and libel as I do have proof of the transaction and a direct email from the president of the PFWA.

Thirdly, if you are the same Steve Weber from Warsaw Country Radio Station WCJW 1140 Am, hopefully you are not stupid enough to call me a liar on air as it would result in your radio station getting sued.

Actually, I do hope you go ahead, because the lawsuit would probably show up on the local news and give me a ton of free exposure.

In the end, next time readers you want to email a journalist to blast them over an article just save it as we usually just laugh at them and then look at it like your an idiot.