The Truth About Jimmy Clausen

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2010

I'm a Wolverines fan, and even I can see the truth.  The majority of draft classes are headlined by prospects who wish to be "Franchise Quarterbacks."  There are some who mislead us.  There are some who exceed expectations.

This season, Sam Bradford has emerged as the number one quarterback prospect.  Many people, including "experts" Todd McShay and Mel Kiper, expect him to be the number one overall selection April 22nd.


The only other first round quarterback is Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame.  They were only 6-6 last season!  Charlie Weis got ran out of South Bend for a reason.  Jimmy Clausen didn't show leadership skills and his arm is inferior to Sam Bradford's!

That is likely the reasoning you'll get if you tune into any ESPN Draft Show between now and April 22nd.

Facts, however, will not be presented.

Here are some facts you won't hear on ESPN.

Notre Dame's defense was the ninth worst in yards per game in the FBS.

Notre Dame gave up over thirty points per game, ranking thirty-eighth worst in the FBS.

Why does this matter?

Jimmy Clausen's defense was awful, and even though he was responsible for the livelihood of Notre Dame, he came through, despite anything you hear.

When you compare Jimmy Clausen's statistics to last year's number one overall quarterback, Matt Stafford, you clearly see something wrong.

Jimmy Clausen has more touchdowns.
(Clausen - 28) (Stafford - 25)

Jimmy Clausen has less interceptions.
(Clausen - 4) (Stafford - 10)

Jimmy Clausen completes a higher percentage of passes.
(Clausen - 68%) (Stafford - 61%)

Jimmy Clausen has more passing yards.
(Clausen - 3722) (Stafford - 3459)

What's wrong here?

First of all, Jimmy Clausen is being discarded as second rate, even though last season, Matt Stafford was heralded as a good selection number one overall.

Secondly, Stafford clearly had a better defense.

With those impressive statistics, is it a far cry to claim Clausen would have been a Heisman candidate if his defense was better?  If he had the defense Stafford had, Notre Dame would have been 10-2.

If you reflect on Notre Dame's record of 6-6, his stats become even more impressive.  How could a quarterback under such scrutiny produce so flawlessly?

I understand people have their own opinions; I'm not trying to say those opinions are wrong.

However, if you were to say there are thirty-two better prospects in this years class then Jimmy Clausen, like Todd McShay has claimed, then I believe that opinion is not valid.

If you look at the facts and think about it, the truth becomes clear.

Jimmy Clausen is a victim of the media, of his coach and his team, and mostly of his defense.  

To see further comparisons, (Including his stats compared to Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, ect.) go to this link.


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