Meet The Mascots

Angie MeyerContributor IIMarch 18, 2010
We hope you've recovered from your St. Patty's Day festivities. Long night? Your alertness throughout today will be well worth the lack of sleep.
We'll like to start this post off with the lovely sound of this Holiday Hymn...
Maestro, to the chord of C... "It's the most wonderful time, of the year."
You got that right Love Bugs, March Madness tips off today, and we couldn't be more excited for the games to begin.
In the midst of our hunt for the perfect bracket, we couldn't help but come across an article about a woman last year, who chose the perfect bracket based on which mascots would beat each other up if they were to fight. Basically, the dog beats the cat, bear beats the dog, lion beats the bear. What an amazing concept! So, with this, I wanted to look at some of the mascots who will be representing our fine teams today and tomorrow. Let's meet a few of our fluffiest friends... They'll be cheering for their respective teams in spirit fingers fashion, to assure an awesome team victory!
Clemson Tigers
Team Name: Tigers
Nickname Established: 1896 with first football team
Mascot: Tiger
Costumed Mascot: The Tiger and The Tiger Cub,also The Country Gentleman until 1972 Costumed Mascot Debut: The Tiger est. 1954,The Tiger Cub est. 1993, no info on The Country Gentleman's debut, Team Colors: Orange and Purple,
University Location: Clemson, South Carolina
University of Washington
Team Name: Huskies
Nickname Established: 1861
Mascot: Alaskan Malamute Husky Dog
Costumed Mascot: Harry the Husky
Costumed Mascot Debut: 1995
Live Mascot: Dubs, In the early days the life mascots were cared for by the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, followed by a 50 year tradition (1959-2008) of care by the Cross family (a UW professor, and then later his son).
Live Mascot Debut: arrived on campus 1922, his name was Frosty
Team Colors: Purple, Gold
University Location: Seattle, WA
Team Name: Blue Devils
Nickname Established: Used unofficially in 1922, used in The Trinity* Chronicle student newspaper, but name didn't catch on right away. *Duke began as Trinity College
Costumed Mascot: The Blue Devil
Mascot: Blue Devil
Costumed Mascot Debut: October 5, 1929
Colors: Duke Blue and White
University Location: Durham, North Carolina
University of Louisville
Team Name: Cardinals
Nickname Established: 1913
Mascot: Cardinals
Costumed Mascot: Cardinal Bird
Live Mascot: None
Team Colors: Cardinal Red, Black & White
University Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Michigan State University
Team Name: Spartans
Nickname Established: circa 1926
Mascot: Spartan
Costumed Mascot: Sparky the Spartan
Costumed Mascot Debut: 1955, current: 1989
Team Colors: Green & White
University Location: East Lansing, MI
University of Pittsburgh
Team Name: Panthers
Nickname Established: 1909, the Panther mascot was chosen at an Alumni & Student Meeting
Mascot: Panther
Costumed Mascot: Roc the Panther
Costumed Mascot Debut: 1920
Team Colors: Old Gold & Blue
University Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
University of Texas
Team Name: Longhorns
Nickname Established: Officially in 1906, 1900 - The Daily Texan student newspaper unofficially used "Long Horns" in 1903 - The Daily Texan started using "Longhorns"
Mascot: Longhorn Steer
Costumed Mascot: Hook'Em for Football, Air Horn for Basketball
Costumed Mascot Debut: 1974
Live Mascot: Bevo XIV, a Longhorn Steer (does not appear at basketball games, too big to come inside)
Live Mascot Debut: 1916 at the Thanksgiving Day UT vs. Texas A&M Football Game
Team Colors: Burnt Orange and White
University Location: Austin, Texas
Wake Forest University
Team Name: Demon Deacons
Nickname Established: 1923
Mascot: Demon Deacon
Costumed Mascot: Demon Deacon
Costumed Mascot Debut: 1941
Team Colors: Black and Gold
University Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina (Wake Forest)