Waiting For The Straight Edge Society to Change

Andrew SandersContributor IMarch 18, 2010

     It happens to every tag team. They are best friends and feel like they are on the top of the WWE Universe. Then they have a little fight. A little feud. All of the sudden, it becomes a big deal, a big feud. Before you know it, they break up their tag team and become arch rivals. They hate each other more than anyone else.

      For a while, it seemed like that would never happen to the Straight Edge Society, never any fights, never any feuds.

       Now since NXT is in SES's schedule, that may change. Darren Young was chosen to be mentored by CM Punk, the Straight Edge societies leader. They had an amazing tag team victory over Matt Hardy and Justin Gabriel. They were celebrating like crazy and looked like Young would indeed join Punk's society. Then you saw the look in the other society member, Luke Gallows. You could tell he was jealous. Before you knew it, Luke slammed Darren Young into the ground. CM Punk looked a little angry, but he wouldn't have disciplined Gallows, he won't start a break up.

        Maybe, the Gallows and Young fued could break up the society.

    I am expecting Luke Gallows to take on Darren Young next week on NXT. I am also expecting Darren Young to win. Luke may really start getting angry at Darren Young, and some of that anger, may also go towards CM Punk.

     Will the Straight Edge Society end soon? I believe so.

      NXT will most likely be the cause.