Money In The Bank Ladder Match: A Major Impact in Wrestlemania?

Andrew SandersContributor IMarch 18, 2010

  The Money In The Bank Ladder Match is a match at Wrestlemania, where now 10 participants use and try to climb up a ladder to get a briefcase to get a contract. That contract lets you have a title match whenever you want.

   The top favorites that were found from a recent poll were Christian, and Drew McIntyre. I hope Christian wins, I am a big fan! Sadly, I think McIntyre wins simply from the controversial entrance he had into the ladder match. He had three attempts and it took him three attempts to finally make it. Also, the first two matches were expunged by Mr. McMahon from Drew's record. Therefore, McIntyre is undefeated.

   Now, do you remember that the winner gets a title match whenever he wants? That could very happen the night of Wrestlemania. If the ladder match is the first match to take place, then it could very well happen that the winner cashes it in right after the World or WWE championships take place, therefore, the MITB winner would have a very easy match for the respected championship. 

   Another interesting fact about the Money In The Bank Ladder matches are that each and every person to win the ladder match, also won his championship match. Will this continue, or will in not? That's for WWE Creative to decide.


   Now, WWE Creative has a lot of possibilities for this match. This will almost definitively turn into another post-Wrestlemania rivalry.

        Christian Winning

    If Christian wins, I would almost definitely expect him to cash in his contract on that very day. If he does, it would probably be on the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, who would have just won the title. Christian and Edge, who are pretty much "best friends" would then become heavy rivals, because Christian would have taken his title away.

     Another possibility is that Christian could cash in his title on the WWE Champion, either Cena or Batista. This could make it so "best friends" Christian and Edge have the two major championships, and then they might become a tag team again. If this happens, I would expect Cena to originally win the WWE Championship from Batista. This would be another time that once Cena wins his belt, he loses it. This could also become a personality (hero/ villain) change for John Cena.

       McIntyre Winning

    If Drew wins, this would become a very controversial MITB win. Because he had so many shots, he wouldn't really deserve to participate or even win the match. Also, if Drew does win a title on the day of, or around Wrestlemania expect McMahon to make it so Drew wouldn't be able to lose his title for a long time.

         Other Possibilities

    If another person does indeed win, I doubt any of them could carry their title for a long time. There are many people who could easily beat some of the other participants.