WWE and TNA Wrestling Drop Personalities off Their Websites

christian orendorfContributor IMarch 18, 2010

Over the past day, I have gone to both websites, and noticed personalities are dropping from both websites.  I had read in past days the talent roster at TNA Wrestling starting to drop, as Sean Morley, Roxxi, and Traci Brooks were released from TNA Wrestling.  I followed up on the article I had read, and obviously they are no longer listed on the active roster for TNA Wrestling.

Also, I happened upon an interesting fact when visiting the WWE website.  They have a "Where are they now?" featurette on Molly Holly, in which she talks about her rivalries, one including former WWE Diva Victoria.  When clicking on the link to go to her alumni page, Victoria's page no longer exists.  Then I also noticed that Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy's pages were also missing from the WWE alumni page.  And an interesting fact, when clicking on Tommy Dreamer's page, his title history and bio also are now missing.

This was just some tidbits of info, have a great day!