PAC-10 Expansion Gaining Steam

Chase TitlemanContributor IMarch 18, 2010

San Jose Mercury News Writer Jon Wilner offers perhaps the most complete and thorough look at the PAC-10 Conference expansion issue, according to Dr. Saturday author Matt Hinton .  Both articles come on the heels of yesterdays Ham and Eggs series of links discussing the very same issue.
Texas or Colorado To The PAC-10?

My vote for PAC-10 expansion is and always has been for the four schools who would benefit the conference the most in the football world, which just happens to drive the economic engine of the athletic departments across the conference.

They include Boise State, Fresno State, BYU, and Utah.  These four schools would give the PAC-10 the most clout in terms of national exposure and the best bowl opportunities to generate revenue.

Texas is certainly a giant, but they would have to be a bunch of morons to jump from the Big 12. Why would they leave a conference with many bowl allotments for the PAC-10 world of the Rose, Holiday, and a bunch of mid-major bowls that no one watches or has any interest in, including the players?

It is no secret that the PAC-10 has THE WORST Bowl package of all the major super-conferences.  Sure the Rose Bowl and Holiday Bowl are outstanding, but we should also be sending our conference representatives to the Fiesta Bowl, Alamo Bowl, Hawaii Bowl, and the Las Vegas Bowl. We should be playing a Big-12 or Big-East school in the Las Vegas Bowl and a Big-12 or SEC school in the Alamo Bowl.

These six destinations…Pasadena, Calif., San Diego, Calif., Phoenix, Ariz., San Antonio, Texas., Honolulu, Hawaii, and Las Vegas, Nev., would give the PAC-10 quite a bowl line-up. In these locations we we would be playing teams besides Utah, BYU, Boise State, or Fresno State—teams that should already be part of the PAC-10.

Boise State and Utah have both played in BCS games and arguably could have been crowned national champions.  BYU and Fresno State would also provide outstanding programs in all sports, further increasing conference revenue across the board.

Just exactly what does Colorado give the PAC-10?  All four of the teams I have just mentioned would whip’em silly on the gridiron and I don’t think Colorado will be adding a baseball program anytime soon!

Although Boise State doesn’t have baseball either, Boise is a tremendous baseball community with several high profile smaller schools and a wealth of local talent. 

Sooner or later, the Bronco administration is going to recognize that Boise State could become the next Fresno State in college baseball if they attacked adding the sport like Oregon has. The minor league park in Boise is fabulous!

But the galling question I have always struggled with is why do we continually watch a third, fourth, and fifth place team from the Big Ten Conference, who on many occasions has lost to a PAC-10 school during the football regular season, play in a marquee bowl game on New Year's Day?

Especially when our own members who finish third, fourth, and fifth in the PAC-10 play in the Sun Bowl, Las Vegas Bowl, or the Bowl.

A classic example is Oregon.

Two years ago, with Dennis Dixon at quarterback, the Ducks completely dominated Michigan (39-7) in the Big House, yet went to the Sun Bowl. While Oregon dominated a South Florida team in the Sun Bowl, Michigan got the red carpet treatment into the Capitol One Bowl and a date with Florida.

Why in the world would anyone get up for that type of match-up?

It just doesn't make sense to me. Oregon State lost a chance to play in the Rose Bowl after Oregon defeated them on the last night of the season, and they fell all the way to Vegas?

In the meantime, Iowa and Wisconsin, who were eliminated from the Rose Bowl weeks before their final conference games, were rewarded with  a nice warm and financially cozy trip to the Capitol One Bowl or the Gator Bowl. Both played on New Year's Day and against opponents like LSU, Tennessee, or Auburn.

The reason PAC-10 fans do not travel well to second tier bowl games is because El Paso certainly isn’t Orlando, and although Las Vegas can be a personal paradise, we’ve all been there 15 times over!

That is a no-brainer and watching Oregon State play BYU is something we see quite regularly as a part of the regular season.

Could you imagine Florida this year getting up to play a team like Troy in a bowl game.  Not that BYU is a clone of Troy, but we have already witnessed the WAC vs PAC-10 match-ups in the regular season, we want to see a PAC-10 vs Big East or PAC-10 vs SEC game!

As much as is made about the rivalry between the SEC and the PAC-10, why isn’t there a bowl match-up between the two conferences?  My suggestion is make the Fiesta Bowl, Alamo, or Cotton bowl just that!

Texas isn’t coming to the PAC-10 and any serious discussion on the matter is a ridiculous waste of time!