Vince McMahon Finally Screws Himself with a Little Help

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2010

When the time came for the contract signing for the match that promises to be exciting  at WM26 between Vince McMahon and Bret Hart, a strange feeling came over me.

It's one of those feelings when you know something is going to happen, but are not sure exactly what.

With Vinnie Mac, anything is possible, but, when you get Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vinnie in the same ring, something definitely does happen.

Vinnie is always screwing someone over, doesn't matter who, when, or where. Thirteen years ago in Montreal, he screwed Bret Hart over. Everyone knows how that story went.

After those 13 years, Bret came back to WWE to make an amends with Shawn Michaels and Vinnie Mac. In case some of you don't know the full story, I'll tell you a short version of it.

It was in Montreal, 13 years ago, Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels. There was bad blood between Vince and Bret. To make a long story short, this match was for the championship belt.

Shawn had Bret in a Sharpshooter, and Bret went to put his hand down on the mat to push himself up and Vince called for the bell and said that Bret tapped out.

It sure in the hell didn't look like that to me. With McMahon being the owner, there wasn't much anyone could do.

So for 13 years, things have built up inside of Hart. About two months ago, Bret was guest host for RAW. That's when Shawn and Bret made up. That wasn't the case for Vinnie Mac.

He badgered Bret in the ring, out of the ring, when Bret was there or not. Vinnie was up to no good as usual when he wanted Bret to face him at WM26.

A few weeks after McMahon embarrassed Hart in the ring by kicking him in the groin area, Bret decided to go go back home. He did do all that he could, but Vinnie was acting like a jackass.

The only person to come to his rescue was John Cena. John and Bret hatched a scheme, unknown to the WWE Universe. Bret made look as if he was leaving and John watched Bret get in to a car, and another car backed into his, crushing Bret's leg.

They took him to the hospital and Vinnie thought that was comical. What he didn't know was that Bret and John had hatched this scheme.

That's one screwing on McMahon. Now comes the good part. Bret was in the ring with a fake cast and McMahon kicked the crutch out from underneath Bret.

Vinnie thought that was comical as well. In Bret's mind the idea of screwing Vince McMahon over means that he is finally getting retribution.

That brings us up to this week's RAW where the contract signing took place. Stone Cold introduced both men. Of course Vinnie ran his mouth, and Bret had a smile on his face.

The contract was signed and Austin left the ring. Before he went in the back, he turned and faced Vince and said, " there's one more thing". McMahon asked what that was and Steve told him that Bret will tell him.

McMahon looked at Bret and saw the fake cast sitting on the table. The crutch was resting against it. Vinnie was in shock.

Bret pulled the wool over McMahon's eyes, screwed him over like Vinnie Mac has done to so many other people. And to sweeten things up a little bit more, Bret knocked his ass out after hitting him twice with the cast.

At WM26, things are going to get hairy. You can't trust Vince, so you know he will have a back up plan. Will Bret? If you think so, give me a hell yeah!!!