Miguel Cabrera: Bust or Too Early to Tell?

John ShullCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2008

As the Tigers approach the All-Star break weaving in and out of .500, I believe one of the more prominent questions on every Tiger fans mind right now is whether or not they believe that Miguel Cabrera has lived up to the expectations that have been set for him.

I hate to say it, but even the most die-hard Tigers fan has to ponder whether or not paying Cabrera 150 Million over eight years was a good idea.

In some intellectual minds, Cabrera just needs some time to adjust. Adjust to the city of Detroit and the fact of playing a new position.

A new position which he has struggled at. Dropping routine throws to not being able to bend over, Cabrera has had some tough times in the first half of the season for Detroit.

Cabrera, batting .292 with 16 home-runs and 56 RBIs, is not a small feat.  But putting those numbers aside (most would say statistics prove everything), what has Cabrera brought to the table?

With his position change, he messed up the psyche of the team, causing Jim Leyland to shuffle the line-up over and over. Guys like Brandon Inge and Carlos Guillen never know what position they will be playing from day to day.

Another problem is the fact that he can not bend over. A guy who is 6'2 185 and 24 years old should not be having trouble. Especially a natural third baseman, who has only had about 40 errors through 400 games at third base.

At this point, is it safe to consider Cabrera a bust? In my opinion I personally do not think so.

Though I do not personally agree with his contract, Cabrera has come through in a few situations when needed.

However, lets give him sometime to really settle in.

Here is some food for thought: Move Cabrera back to third, put Guillen back at first (though he is an all-star) and make Cabrera play the way that Detroit had in mind when the Tigers signed him back in the spring!