It's A Legacy Thang! (Ep. 3)

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2010

Due to Legacy being a long and distant memory, I regret to inform all you, the loyal readers, that this will be the season finale of "It's a Legacy Thang!". I will be posting a poll whether or not you wish for a another season. Thank you and enjoy:

It was a lovely day with the sun shining and the birds singing, until...

Randy: Rhodes! DiBiase!

*Rhodes and DiBiase come running in*

Cody: What is it Randy?


Cody: I think I saw T...

*Ted elbows Cody*

Ted: Sorry Randy, when I had a girl over here the other night, I kind of needed it...

Randy: You had a girl over here last night?

Ted: Yep.

Randy: She cute?

Ted: Oh yeah.

Randy: Nice.

*Randy walks out, satisfied*

Cody: How could you lie to Randy? I, I, I *stammers*

Ted: You what? You gonna tell on me?

Cody: Well...

Ted: I'm your best friend, Cody, you wouldn't tell on your best friend, would you?

Cody: I guess not...

Ted: Ok cool.

Around 12:00 p.m, Cody & Ted noticed something odd...

Randy wasn't there!

Cody: Where's Randy?

Ted: I don't know...

The boys searched high and low for their leader...

Ted: Hold on...

Cody: What is it?

Ted: Here, on Randy's bed, its a perfume lid...

Cody: Randy doesn't wear perfume!

Ted: Of course not stupid! It smells like a...revved-up 20-something...

Cody: What does that mean?

Ted: It means that a 20-something came in here looking for some action...


Ted: That didn't stop...

Cody: Stop?

Ted: Nevermind.

The boys looked for more clues to find the disappearence of their frontman...

They searched for minutes...until!

Cody: I found something!

Ted: Randy's wedding ring...

Cody: Why isn't he wearing it?

Ted: Gee, I wonder...[INSERT SARCASM]

Cody: Holy Shiitake Mushroom!

Ted: What now?

Cody: All his balloons are gone!

Ted: Balloons?

*Ted looks*

Ted: Oh, I get it...

The boys came to the conclusion that Randy was somewhere, doing Rated NC-17 things...

...until the most important clue came up.

Cody: Look what I found on the refridgerator Ted!

Ted: ¿Que?

Cody: I found a number to a girl named Megan...

Ted: ¿You think Randy is with this Megan?

Cody: Probably. Let's call it!

Ted: No, let's telegram it!

As the boys called the number, a strikingly sultry voice answered...

Megan: Hello?

Ted: Hi. This is Ted DiBiase and I was looking for Randy Orton.

Megan: Oh ok. Well, he's a little preoccupied right now.

Ted: What is doing?

Megan: I'm afraid I can't tell you without having you s**t your pants.

*Dial Tone*

Ted: *blank stare*

Cody: Ted? What did she say?

Ted: *blank stare*

Cody: TED? *waves hand in face*

Ted: *shakes head* That lucky basterd...

The boys slept that night in disbelief...especially DiBiase...

...but the next morning, they went to look for this "Megan"...

Cody: Ted! Tell me what she said!

Ted: I can't. It was so inimaginable.

Cody: Is that even a word?

The boys drove Randy's Hummer, in hopes of finding him...

...then, the phone started ringing...

Cody: Hello?

Megan: 3. Hilton. 217.

It only took three words.

Cody: Ted!

Ted: What?!

Cody: You need to take me to the Hilton! I got a call to go get something!

Ted: Fine.

*Hummer drives up*
Cody: I'm probably not gonna be out for a while so you can go look for Randy, and...yeah, that's pretty much it!
Ted: Cody! Dammit...
So DiBiase went through Miami to look for Randy...while listening to the radio in secrecy.
Ted: *bobbing head along to song*
*phone rings*
Megan: I got your little friend in here too.
Ted: NO! You leave Rhodes alone! HE'S JUST A BOY!! *sobs*
Megan: "Was" a boy.
*Dial Tone*
Ted: Noooo! Dammit! Why? Whyyyyy??
Ted knew were Randy and Cody were now. I was very sad that he was alone in Randy's Hummer.
As Ted was driving up to the Hilton, Randy and Cody came out with smiles on their faces and walking with swagger...
Ted: Fist pound?
Randy & Cody: Fist pound.
There was a writing on both of Randy and Cody's chest in black Sharpie saying: "You've just been foxed."
Ted: *sighs*
As the Hummer drove away, DiBiase was never the same. Thus, giving motive to pinning Randy at Elimination Chamber.
Thank you for reading and watching the season finale of "It's a Legacy Thang!"
Please vote on the poll for another season or not. ALSO: PLEASE COMMENT!!


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