Don't Worry About Me: 10 Starting Pitchers That Will Be Aces in 2010

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Don't Worry About Me: 10 Starting Pitchers That Will Be Aces in 2010

Many fans, managers, teams, and writers alike are showing some concern over proven pitchers.

Whether these reasons are due to injuries, poor performances, or simply debunked rumors, there are some players that have received unwarranted worry.

When you hear the term "ace," you might think "a very good pitcher." An ace should be more to you than that. It should mean that he is the pitcher in your team's rotation that can put a stop to deflating losing streaks, win a big game, or single handedly carry the team to a win.

Some pitchers are wrongfully given the compliment, but others deserve it. The special individuals that do don the title and wear it the right way are workhorses that have proven over time to be able to handle whatever pressure the stage presents them with.

Focus is the key to success. Focus is what differentiates the champions. It is this drive that causes them to succeed when fifty thousand people are screaming for him to give them what they want, or for him to fail. It's the focus to be able to think of the proper pitches and deliver them with definitive authority that makes someone an ace.

It is becoming a more common occurrence to see youth in the spotlight. There is a philosophy in baseball that believes you should ease a pitcher into the big settings. While this may be true for most, there have been young pitchers who arrived in the midst of pressure and thrived.

Adam Wainwright, Tim Lincecum, and Justin Verlander are such hurlers. But sometimes there can be a point in which players falter, and more times than not people panic and are quick to deem their star as either a dud, or on the brink of finally losing it.

Here is a list of ten true aces that have had their fair share of recent problems, but that should also rebound quickly enough to have monster seasons. Remember, only deem those deserving before calling them an ace.

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